What any responsible man must know about women

Woman is an essential "asset" in any man's life, the way you deal with your woman will make or ma your success in life. When you make your woman happy you are bound to succeed without limits. But when you make your woman less happy then your success is determined.

The below are some of the things a responsible man must know about any woman :

. Never look down on the beauty of any woman, take it or leave it no woman is ugly, there is a man for every woman. Don't make any woman feel depressed because of her beauty. Your own woman might even be ugly to another man since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Put yourself in the shoes of the man whose wife you term ugly, what do you think will happen? (funny but true).

. A woman needs a man who will protect and snuggle with her always

. A woman wants a man who will care for her like apple of an eye and pamper her even when others turn against her.

. When a woman loves, it is with the whole heart, so she doesn't want any man to take her for granted or play on her intelligence/weakness.

. A woman doesn't want her man to be shared with her.

. A woman want a comforter in her man.

. A woman want a friend in her man

. A woman want a father and brother in her man

. A woman want a baby in her man. No matter how big you may be, you must sometimes pretend to be a baby to your woman, do some funny/childish behaviours to make her laugh or to achieve some other aims.

. A woman want a man who will respect her and accord to her the desired respect at the desired time.

. A woman want a man that will be proud of her anywhere.

. A woman want a man who will understand her mood.

. A woman want an encourager in her man.

. Lastly, a woman want a man that will make her happy even when all is not well.

My name is Akanmu Bamise Peter, but love to be called bamisepeters. I am a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University with B.A(hons.) degree in philosophy. I am very friendly and love meeting new and very intelligent people and love writing. Service to humanity gives me plenty happiness and satisfaction.

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