Tips to rebuild a collapsing relationship

1. Be ready to forgive: In a marriage/relationship its important to be ready to forgive. Forgiveness is an integral part of marriage  which must not be taken with levity. The fact that we are humans makes us imperfect, so sin/misunderstanding is bound to occur. Offence/misunderstanding is a bridge a marriage/relationship must pass through to move to next level, failure to scale through successfully leads to destruction of any marriage/relationship, readiness to forgive prior to offence/misunderstanding will make any marriage/relationship stronger than expected.

2. Be ready to communicate: As i have said in one of my posts that communication is very essential when it comes to marriage/courtship, without proper communication wrongs can never be rewritten. Through communication solution emerge which will solve the crisis at hand. If any among the two parties involved is not willing to communicate, one should put the other in the mood of communication for the relationship to be rebuilt. Without communications errors might not be known, and communication ensures that the two parties reach a suitable agreement which will make them not to make the same mistake again.

3. Be ready to make the first move: To rebuild a shaky marriage/relationship, one of the two parties must be ready to make the first move towards ensuring that the marriage/relationship is rebuilt before it becomes irreparable. If it is still distance marriage/relationship first call can resolve the problem. Time must not be wasted or else something else may happen.

4. Be ready to accept your mistake: one or the two parties must be ready to accept the mistake that led to the misunderstanding so that the problem will not linger more than required.

5.  Be ready to say "i am sorry":" I am sorry" is a very simple and sensitive statement which should always come out from the mouth of a couple or the two involved in a courtship to ending a crisis. It is a sign of showing remorse for an offence committed, it shows your spouse you have accepted your shortcomings, it also implies you are willing to change, it also gives your spouse a feeling of you subduing yourself to his/her control which is capable of resolving any issue whatsoever in your marriage/relationship.

6. Be ready to surprise : It is necessary to surprise him/her in order to end the misunderstanding completely. You know what he/she loves, and you also know what you can also do to make him extremely surprise and happy, why not do/by it. This single point can even singlehandedly restore the happiness in your marriage.

Try all these steps and thank me later.

My name is Akanmu Bamise Peter, but love to be called bamisepeters. I am a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University with B.A(hons.) degree in philosophy. I am very friendly and love meeting new and very intelligent people and love writing. Service to humanity gives me plenty happiness and satisfaction.

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